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TrueTopper Slide Tops

TrueTopper Slide Tops

Awnings often droop and gather debris, necessitating manual cleaning before closing. They can also trap water, leading to icy buildups. With TrueTopper, you’ll never have to worry about standing outside to remove wet leaves or chip away ice again.

Patriot RV Services is your trusted source for TrueTopper slide tops. We deliver the highest quality RV slide toppers to enhance your travel experience, no matter the journey ahead. Our expert team understands the importance of reliable protection and offers precise, trustworthy installations of slide toppers for RVs to ensure your slides are shielded from debris and weather damage. We prioritize your needs with urgency and expertise and make your RV maintenance hassle-free. At Patriot RV Services, we value shared experiences and community and stand by our commitment to keeping your RV in peak condition. Choose us for dependable solutions that safeguard your investment and support your adventures. Get your vehicle on the books today for a quality TrueTopper slide top installation!

TrueTopper slide tops feature a robust aluminum sweep with a high-slip material on its leading edge, ensuring a smooth, non-abrasive glide that elegantly clears any accumulated debris from the roof each time the slideroom is retracted. Moreover, TrueTopper includes an exclusive 3rd wipe seal, setting it apart from other products on the market

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