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Do you have Schwintek slides on your RV? Has your Schwintek slide(s) ruined a vacation or worse yet, your entire RV investment? If so, WE HAVE THE FIX for that!! We are the FIRST authorized Vroom Slide System dealer and service center of Texas. If you’ve suffered from the agony of Schwintek slide failures, contact us today and find out exactly how Vroom Slide Systems can make your slides glide and sing.

Patriot RV Services is your expert choice for Vroom Slide System installers who ensure precision and reliability through every installation. Our team specializes in the Vroom RV Slide System and delivers top-quality service to elevate your RV experiences. We understand the importance of seamless operation and meet or exceed your expectations, fully meeting your needs with urgency and expertise. As a trusted partner in the RV community, we provide dependable solutions that keep you moving forward with confidence. Choose Patriot RV Services for professional installation services and enjoy the benefits of advanced slide system technology, backed by a team that values your peace of mind and satisfaction. Get your vehicle booked with Patriot RV Services today—your reputable Vroom Slide System authorized dealers.

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Your RV’s Slide System is mission critical and one of the most important systems on your RV. If the slides aren’t working, your RV isn’t working.  At Patriots RV Services we are proud to be the FIRST authorized Vroom Slide System dealer in Texas.  Get rid of the Schwintek Slide anxiety once and for all. Contact us today!

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