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Your RV Roof is your first line of defense against mother nature and the elements.  Sadly however, your RV roof is most likely only protected by a very thin rubber sheet/coating.  One hail storm or tree limb can completely wreck it, but we have the solution at Patriots RV Services.  Have you heard about our LIFETIME GUARANTEED AeroArmor spray-on Polyurea Roof Coating? It’s the LAST roof your RV will ever need!

Patriot RV Services provides expert RV roof maintenance and repair to ensure your vehicle stays protected against the elements. Our reliable RV roof coating services provide an extra layer of defense and significantly extend the life of your roof and prevent costly damage. We understand the urgency of maintaining your RV and the need for high-quality, reputable RV services that uphold your trust. Our experienced team addresses your needs with precision and guarantees your peace of mind on every journey. Join a community that values reliability and patriotism and let Patriot RV Services keep your RV roof in top condition, ready for any adventure. Book your vehicle today and receive professional, expertly crafted RV roof maintenance and repair. 

If your RV roof is leaking or having issues, you might not even know it, because you can’t see tiny leaks very easily.  Did you know you are suppose to inspect your RV roof every year, and replace the old degrading Dicor sealant? Most people don’t know their RV roof needs to be inspected and maintained every year to ensure it’s performing properly.  Fail to do that, and you risk water damage, molding and component damage. 

AeroArmor is MAINTENANCE FREE!! Once your RV is protected with AeroArmor, you’ll never need to get on your RV roof again.  NO MORE Dicor.  No more worries when you get hit with hail storms.  Help your RV protect you, by protecting it, with AeroArmor.

The Most Advanced RV Roof Protection Available

AeroArmor spray-on polyurea is the most technologically advanced roof protection on the market today.  It’s like putting a hard hat on your RV.  NOTHING protects it better.

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